Newsletter Services

You have the knowledge and expertise in what you do and need to keep your subscribers or possible shoppers informed, interested and wanting more of what you offer.

We are happy to talk through with you free of chargeto discuss what your aims are, how often you want to issue email newsletters, the style of newsletter that suits your approach, content, reference material etc,. Also what not to do, GDPR and what it means to you and work out a way forward for this aspect of your business.

When working with you we simply charge an hourly rate and bill monthly for total time expended on your project.


Email Newsletters

Newsletter creation and Management

  • We do not offer to write content by AI.  That approach impresses nobody.
  • If you have great content and plans but no knowledge or simply, time, to create your email newsletter campaigns, please talk to us.
  • We run campaigns and automations for clients that keep their audience involved by making them easy to read and interact with.
  • There are many companies such as Constant Contact, Moosend, Mailer Lite etc,.  Our favourite tool is Mailchimp. Why Mailchimp?
     – Mailchimp is competitively priced and offers a free option if starting out.
     – It integrates with most operation systems including WordPress and Shopify etc.,
     – It has all the facilities that are so key to sucessful commercial websites such as sign-up forms, chasing empty shopping carts,  engagement reports, A/B Testing etc,
     – It also means you are able to take it over and run yourself as you have full access & control to do that any time that suits you.  This is your intellectual property!